Comprehensive Mediation Training Program

The Centre For Mediation And Conciliation (CMC), Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry is introducing a comprehensive mediation training program for #healthcare professionals looking to broaden their horizons and skill sets with the tools of #AlternateDisputeResolution. The program shall consist of teaching and practicing the art of #negotiation in emotionally testing situations while developing the participants’ ability to innovate strategies for #buildingrelationships through lectures and interactive discussions.
To bring the lessons to life, participants will engage in several role-play simulations that mirror real-life disputes, as well as opportunities to watch the faculty demonstrate their own techniques. The training shall therefore be conducted by a wide panel of skilled and practicing #mediators to impart the practical groundwork and the functioning of mediation in India to the trainees.
Upon completion of this program, delegates will understand the unique challenges of a #healthcare conflict and use various tools of #mediation to prevent and address day to day conflicts arising out of clinical and administrative matters.
Trainers -
Ms. Tanu Mehta
Ms. Gandha Sahu
Mr. JP Sengh
Dr. L.M. Kapoor
Supporting Partner - Association Of Medical Consultants (AMC),
Ekta Bahl Farida Poonawala Tata Jawad A J
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